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Raigad Killa (Fort)

Raigad Killa (Fort) is situated 30 km east of Mahad in Raigad ,Raigad is the Dist place in Maharashtra State . Raigad Raigad_Killa_InformationKnown to be Shivaji’s impregnable capital of Maratha Empire under Shivaji’s rule. The Raigad hill fort where Shivaji was crowned (1674 AD) and where he died (1680 AD). Raigad Fort was built in 1657. You have to climb about 1450 steps to reach Raigad Fort top hill.

The Raigad Fort history is very interesting.The Shivaji seized the fortress of Rairi , renamed the Fort as Raigad Fort after expanding with renovation. Raigad was the capital of Maratha’s during the reign of Shivaji. After facing repeated defeats from the great Maratha king, Shivaji, the British named him as “Gibraltar of East”.

The fort’s location splits it off from the Western Ghats and makes it inaccessible from three sides.

The 350 year old architecture consists of broad gates and large monuments. There is only one pathway leading to the top.

This Fort is having a terrific look and it is very difficult to get into the fort through the rocky path.

All sides appear as if it fell down from a huge mass of solid rock. A ropeway was inaugurated recently, which makes the ascent to the fort very easy. Now the fort features certain new structures like the Samadhi of Shivaji Maharaj and his loyal dog along with the ruins of the old structures.

There is a A tower located in such a position that it helped defending the enemies from all the side during war. This tower is known as Khoob Ladha Buruj. The most stunning site on Raigad Fort is the Balekilla, from where one can see the implausible views of the enchanting Sahyadris and the propitious Bhatghar Lake.


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